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Our organization was founded in response to the growing housing crisis in South Central LA, where rising rents, predatory lending practices, and systemic inequalities were pushing many individuals and families to the brink of homelessness. Recognizing the urgent need for intervention, a group of passionate advocates and community leaders united to establish our non-profit organization. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to provide comprehensive support and advocacy to those facing eviction and foreclosure. Over the years, we have grown and evolved, expanding our services, building strategic partnerships, and making a meaningful impact on countless individuals and communities. Today, we continue to uphold our founding principles and remain steadfast in our commitment to preventing eviction and foreclosure, ensuring everyone has access to safe, affordable housing and the opportunity to thrive.​

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Since we started in 2020, we have helped South LA families and individuals:

  • Prepare and file court fee waivers, saving them thousands of dollars in court filing fees.

  • Prepare and file Unlawful Detainers Answers, preventing them from losing their cases by default.

  • Prepare and file Motions to Set Aside Default Judgments* allowing them to have a voice in court (*prepared under attorney supervision)

  • Locate and apply for rental assistance programs, empowering them to pay rent & stay in their homes.

  • Locate and apply for micro-grants from community partners to assist with unforeseen emergencies.

  • Participate with local attorneys and tenant rights organizations to protect their housing rights.


My name is Jenn Laurent

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Jenn Laurent is a dynamic community leader, teen advocate, entrepreneur, and valued community partner based in South Central Los Angeles. With a deep passion for social justice and youth empowerment, Jenn has dedicated her life to serving and uplifting underserved communities. As a tireless advocate for positive change, Jenn has spearheaded numerous initiatives to address systemic inequalities and promote opportunities for youth development. Her unwavering commitment to her community has earned her recognition as a trusted ally and catalyst for progress. In addition to her advocacy work, Jenn is a visionary entrepreneur. She leverages her creativity and innovation to launch projects that foster economic empowerment and social impact. Her ventures create opportunities for local residents and inspire others to harness their potential for meaningful change. Jenn's collaborative spirit and dedication to building bridges across diverse sectors make her a sought-after partner in community-driven initiatives. Whether leading grassroots campaigns, mentoring aspiring leaders, or forging partnerships with local organizations, Jenn's leadership leaves a lasting legacy of hope, resilience, and possibility in South Central LA.

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners whose unwavering support and collaboration have been instrumental in advancing our mission to prevent eviction and foreclosure. Together, we have forged impactful relationships, empowering countless individuals and families to navigate housing challenges with resilience and dignity. 

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